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About Us

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Because of the increasing uncertainty and digitalization, the change is more included in our agendas. In such a period, needs such as participation, clarity, transparency, adaptation, as well as mentality, and cultural transformation emerge for healthy and significant corporate change. We support you with the experience and knowledge that our business partners and we have in these areas.


As Collab Partners co-founders Işılsu Vural and Cenk Doğru, we work for our customers’ change agendas and facilitate it. We collaborate with experts and organizations for major change agendas such as Agile transformation, Digitalization, Internal Communication, and Sustainability.

Our Approach and Methods

We perceive our role to facilitate change as a mission that overcomes resistances, increases alignment, efficiency, and speed. We care about the fact that every institution has a unique DNA. We design our programs with an agile and flexible approach that focuses on your needs. We use inclusive and participatory methods.