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CollabDay (Collaboration Day)


We developed CollabDay as a program that brings together associates from various departments and managerial levels to discuss common agenda items and collaborate to see the big picture through their candid comments and open communication using Systems Coaching and Art of Hosting methods.
We organize two different versions of CollabDays for organizations: In the first version, we design the content for the CollabDay together with 5-6 volunteers from various departments and managerial levels. This is open to the participation of anyone across the institution interested in the topic jointly identified by the team. In the other version, we design the CollabDay in line with the needs of a specific business unit and department, and invite critical internal stakeholders who are likely to be affected to explore the addressed issue together and collaborate.


In both versions, we strive to bring people together around an important question and help them find the answers by utilizing their combined intuition, minds, and understanding. In general, we organize the CollabDays in the form of 3-hour workshops during the weekdays.