Collab Partners | Collaborative Leadership (CL) Program
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Collaborative Leadership (CL) Program

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Collaborative Leadership (CL) Program


We designed the Collaborative Leadership Program as a systems coaching program that supports the development of a corporate culture where all employees take initiative and engage in collaboration towards a common goal.
We present CL as a platform upon which organizations that feel the need for change or have already launched their efforts to change can build a “Collaborative Leadership” model and infrastructure. In the organizations where we implement the CL Program, we conduct a 5-module (a total of 4 days) program over a period of a few months with teams of 10 to 30 people where different managerial levels and departments are represented. In the modules featuring Clarity, Future Ideal, Prototype, Performance, and Evaluation stages, we help organizations, teams, and their leaders


• get a clear understanding of their goals, current situation, and relationship dynamics;
• create their own future ideals, and recognize their values, obstacles and resources;
• put in place short-term prototype plans that will start the transformation towards the future ideal and follow up its effects;
• create an environment where the distance covered is assessed, practices that work and that don’t are distinguished, and progress is celebrated.